Sisters open a restaurant, coffee shop, and ice cream parlor in Redding, Ridgefield



After Redding and Ridgefield comes a trifecta of new restaurants and shops owned by two sisters.

Former event planners Heather and Jennifer Bellizzi have wanted to open a few stores for years. However, when the pandemic caught fire, their schedules agreed, which resulted in them opening three new facilities this summer.

“[With] According to the post-pandemic schedule, it became a triple threat, ”said Heather Bellizzi. “All three of us struck at the same time. It wasn’t intended. We just followed the energy of the universe. “

The sister duo opens two stores on Main Street in Georgetown – the 3 Keys Restaurant on 19 Main in place of the previous Washington Prime and Crystals and Cones, an ice cream parlor on 28 Main. Crystals and Cones will open on July 1st and are expected to serve customers at 3 Keys about two weeks later.

“You’ve been very committed to our Georgetown business district … so that’s very exciting to see,” said Julia Pemberton, Redding’s First Selectwoman.

Her third business, a cafe called Queen B Cafe on 417 Main Street in Ridgefield, is slated to open shortly after the first two. From french fries to gluten-free and vegan ice creams and eco-friendly coffee, the Bellizzi women hope to add more to the community and be around for the long term.

“Our mentality has always been [to] Come as you Are. I don’t want anyone to come in and feel like I can’t eat here, ”said Heather Bellizzi.

“I hope these are all old school classics [one day], “She added.

Here’s what you need to know about each location.

3 buttons

The 3 Keys restaurant is designed with a specific idea in mind.

“The concept is food, friends and fun – the three keys to life,” said Heather Bellizzi.

She remembers her family going to the Serendipity restaurant in New York City and leaving smiling every time for having so much fun. This is what she hopes 3 Keys will create for others.

The menu consists of mixed American dishes with small plates, all day breakfast, and fun twists on classic dishes to fit any palette. Whether you’re having a post-workout meal or dropping by after a wedding, there will always be something, said Heather Bellizzi.

“It never gets boring,” she says.

“The atmosphere is both formal and casual and the menu reflects that,” she added. “It’s going to be this upscale place where you never have the feeling that you haven’t belonged there. That is our goal. “

Jennifer Bellizzi noted that the original concept was aimed at creating a transitional music venue. The outdoor terrace often has live music and changes with the seasons.

The restaurant’s summer theme brings sand to the terrace and sunny elements. As winter approaches, the sisters cook another motif to decorate the room accordingly.

Crystals and cones

The Crystals and Cones room was originally intended as a shared yoga studio and crystal shop.

But after a second look at their plans, they decided to switch gears and wait to start a studio because they felt an ice cream parlor should be better.

However, the sisters will integrate the crystal shop into the business. The name of the store came from the idea that ice cream toppings look like crystals on top, said Heather Bellizzi.

A third of the colorful shop will sell candy and crystals, while two thirds will offer ice cream creations. There will also be an Instagram-friendly area where people can take photos with props.

The Crystal and Cones ear tag will most likely be the six foot tall pink unicorn stationed outside – a feature the Bellizzis aim to use to brighten up for people every day.

“I hope people take pictures in front of the ice cream parlor with the pink unicorn and they look at them 20 years ago and think, ‘I love this ice cream parlor. That pink unicorn is ridiculous, ‘”said Heather Bellizzi.

Queen B Cafe

The Bellizzi sisters’ first idea for the Queen B Cafe came about in collaboration with their mother, a teacher who was often known in the classroom as “Queen B”.

A few years ago, the trio were on the verge of signing a lease for a café in Darien. Their plans came to an abrupt end when their mother suddenly passed away and the two decided to go out of business.

When they decided to open 3 Keys and Crystal Cones, they thought: why not bring the idea of ​​Queen B back to life too?

The eco-friendly coffee brand they roasted with their mother will be available in the new shop, as will 3 Keys.

Although their businesses are rapidly growing together, the Bellizzi sisters said they are ready to pour their energy into the local business arena and create places that everyone will enjoy visiting.



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