Vienna’s famous food blogger presents Mexican restaurants in Tucson in the latest videos | Tucson restaurant news


World-famous food blogger Mark Wiens (right) ate tacos in the Rollies Mexican Patio in mid-June as part of his tour of Tucson’s Mexican food. From left: Adam Lehrman, Californian restaurateur Jeffrey Merrihue and Jorge from Mexi Papa Adventure.

Courtesy Mateo Otero, Rollies Mexican Patio

When Mark Wiens talks about food, the world listens.

Or at least the nearly 8 million foodies who follow his YouTube channel and watch the videos he posts of himself eating around the world.

In mid-June, the 35-year-old Vienna, who is considered one of the top food bloggers worldwide, turned his palate on Tucson’s Mexican food. He spent a few days eating his way through Southside favorites Taqueria El Rapido, Rollies Mexican Patio and El Guero Canelo, and downtown El Charro Cafe.

One of the videos focuses solely on El Charro, from the carne-seca drying on the rooftop of the restaurant to its place in history as the birthplace of Chimichanga.

The son of missionaries in Vienna, who was born in Phoenix and grew up around the world, posted videos of his visit to Tucson on his YouTube channel last week. As of Thursday, July 1, the videos had a total of 1.7 million views, which was a huge boost for Tucson’s restaurant industry, according to El Charro’s Ray Flores.


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