Choco bites into the $ 100 million Series B on a $ 600 million valuation to build a more transparent, sustainable food supply chain – TechCrunch


The United States estimates that around 40% of food is wasted here. Worldwide, $ 2.6 trillion is lost annually.

Berlin-based Choco, which developed ordering software for restaurants and their suppliers, is working to digitize the grocery supply chain and announced $ 100 million in Series B funding led by Left Lane Capital to get a rating of 600 Million dollars to be made after marketing. The new investor Insight Partners and the existing investors Coatue Management and Bessemer Venture Partners are also there.

The new round comes a little more than a year after Choco’s 63.7 million company was founded in 2018.

The company’s central food procurement technology digitizes the ordering process and communication for restaurants and suppliers. During the global pandemic, Khachab said, Choco became the tool of choice for operators to be more efficient in procurement processes and reduce costs as they adapted to changing market conditions.

With the food industry having a $ 6 trillion market, Choco CEO Daniel Khachab told TechCrunch that he wants to make the food supply chain more transparent and sustainable in order to increase margins in the food service sector and combat climate change.

The company spent 14 months researching food waste and found that it is central to many other global issues: food waste is the third largest driver of climate change, causing deforestation – as suggested by news from the Amazon last year – and extinction of Animals.

“It makes sense to try and solve,” he added. “The food system is very fragile, and what showed up in the first and second waves of the pandemic is how fragile and inflexible it was. It made it clear to the industry that it had to strengthen itself and could no longer work with pen and paper. “

There are about nine parties involved between the farmer and the end point, Khachab said. Neither is linked to another, which often means nine data silos and data are not collected down the chain. It’s important to connect them on a single platform so that decision making can be data driven, he added.

When there was uncertainty in the food industry at the beginning of the pandemic, Khachab said Choco could either hold back and wait or invest in the company. He chose the latter to strengthen the team, regions and technology. As a result, Choco’s technology is stronger than it was 15 months ago and has proven to be flexible in an inflexible environment.

Choco saw orders on the platform quadruple last year, and gross merchandise value rose to $ 900 million annualized, up from $ 230 million, Khachab said.

As the company learns more about how to add value to the food supply chain, half of the Series B funding will go into technology development. In addition, the number of employees will be doubled, particularly in the engineering area. Choco recently hired former Uber and Facebook manager Vikas Gupta as chief technology officer, and Khachab said Gupta’s expertise will enable the company to “build the best technology team in Europe” and scale faster.

Choco already operates in six markets, including the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Austria and Belgium. Khachab expects to expand in these markets and gain a foothold in new markets such as Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.


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