The most anticipated restaurant openings in Portland in Fall and Winter 2021



With the Delta variant firmly in control of the land and lengthy construction and delays, opening a restaurant in Portland was currently difficult. Many business owners have postponed their opening dates by months, a common pre-pandemic event that was only made worse by supply chain issues. That being said, many of Portland’s coolest chefs, restaurant owners, brewers, and bartenders have ambitious and exciting new businesses planned across town. A pop-up chef opens a restaurant that specializes in feed and game dishes. A celebrated Thai restaurateur is planning a cool new cafe in northwest Portland. Cart owners create their own restaurant areas; a soccer player opens his own Hawaiian restaurant. And a number of interesting food cart pods are planned for the near future.

Note the following: opening times change frequently; Opening concepts change often. This piece will be something of a living document as restaurant owners grapple with delays and unexpected hurdles. If you are looking forward to something opening before the end of the year, please let us know via the tip hotline.

Pizza cat

Crown Paella has been a popular farmers market and catering service for more than a decade, run by the wife-husband team Emily and Scott Ketterman. The two emerged in the restaurant world and worked in late-night great places like Simpatica Dining Hall before starting their catering business. But the Kettermans soon opened their own restaurant, a move away from the world of paella and into the pizza scene. The couple will crown naturally leavened Pacific Northwest pies with seasonal produce and ezzo peppers, fill mysterious cocktails and sell bottled wine.
Address: 2174 West Burnside Street
Expected opening: September 15th
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Cameron Lee Dunlap, best known for his time at 23Hoyt and his Origin Wild pop-up, is finally opening his own restaurant that pays homage to collected food. Dunlap often uses food ingredients that are not often found on menus – yes, morels and dandelion greens, but also wood sorrel and ox-eye daisies. The menu will include meat, but most of it will be found in the forest, such as game and freshwater fish. Morchella, along with other restaurants coming in 2022 like Pasture, signals a coming renaissance in the world of Pacific Northwestern, hyperlocal cuisine.
Address: 1315 NE Fremont Street
Expected opening: End of September at the earliest
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Sugar cream

This successful series of events from the pandemic era Рwith desserts, snacks and goods from artists and chefs from Portland Рwill soon land in its own venue, a market-meets-caf̩-meets-bakery-meets-pop-up space with a rotating bakeries, an Oregon-made homewares retail section, and a patisserie full of seasonal goodies like sugar cream cake.
Address: 414 SE 81st Avenue
Expected opening: October 1
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Breakside Beaverton Food Cart Pod and Beer Garden

Breakside Brewery, by far one of the best breweries in town, has seen a little expansion last year and opened a beer cart in the CORE Food Cart Pod and a taproom on Lake Oswego. The grand finale before the end of the year will be the Breakside Beer Garden and Food Truck Pod in Beaverton, which will attract big Portland food trucks like Matt’s BBQ and Farmer & The Beast. A number of Portland restaurants will also land in the capsule with carts, including new projects from Afuri and Please Louise. The beer garden will also house a taproom, a tavern and a third indoor food shop.
Address: 12680 SW Farmington Road
Expected opening: October at the earliest
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Beast from Marshawn Lynch

Despite the weirdness surrounding the name, football legend Marshawn Lynch’s new restaurant sounds like a cool opening in itself. It was fun watching the growing Hawaiian and Filipino culinary scene in Portland, and while Beast by Marshawn Lynch will be a Hawaiian restaurant first, Lynch works with restaurateurs Kevin Yamada (Kama’aina Comfort Foods of Hawaii, Two Zone Korean Fried Chicken) and Jun. together Park (Musashi Sushi) – will incorporate dishes and recipes from his Filipino grandmother Lola.
Address: At the Vance Hotel, 1455 SW Broadway
Expected opening: October
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Bourbon Street

Before opening his breakout food cart restaurant Nacheaux, Anthony Brown worked behind the bar at Screen Door. Brown will return to the beverage world when he opens Bourbon Street, his New Orleans-style cocktail bar in the Alameda Hop Food Hall. Anthony and Stephanie Brown will take over the entire dining room, adding a dessert bar in the front room; however, on Bourbon Street, Brown will play with the myriad of cocktails born in the Big Easy, including French Quarters, Hurricanes, and Vieux Carrés.
Address: 4765 NE Fremont Street
Expected opening: November 1st
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Mid-city smash burgers

One of the blockbuster food trucks of 2020, Mid City SmashBurger – the the Oregonian called the best smash burger in Portland – will soon have his own restaurant in St. Johns and team up with Eems Eric Nelson. Nelson and co-worker Chris Abbott will create a menu of $ 5 margaritas, while Mid City owner Mike Aldridge will create a menu of burgers, hot dogs, shakes and more. It’s a big win for St. John’s, but also an exciting, inexpensive place that is likely to become a destination for burger lovers.
Address: 8408 N Lombardstrasse
Expected opening: November
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Flor wines

Andy Fortgang is probably one of the city’s most famous sommeliers, the man behind the wine lists in places like Canard and Le Pigeon. But this fall he’s opening his own bottle shop, where wine nerds can stroll through the aisles with glasses in hand and speak directly to Progress to pick out a special bottle.
Address: 825 NW Glisan Street
Expected opening: November at the earliest
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Phuket Cafe

Earl Ninsom just can’t help but fire hits. Its Hat Yai, Langbaan, and Eem restaurants are all nationally recognized and locally valued, with their regional – and experimental – take on Thai food. His next place, Phuket Cafe, will take over the former Ataula room and become the new home of his supper club Langbaan. The menu is still under development, but cocktail expert Eric Nelson will cover the drinks menu. The most exciting facet of the new restaurant (which we know so far) is the outdoor dining room of the café, which is modeled after a Thai train wagon.
Address: 1818 NW 23rd place
Expected opening: Late November-mid December
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Like the Breakside pod, this food cart pod coming to the SE 50th will house some of Portland’s serious food truck talents, including Matt’s BBQ Tacos and Burger Stevens. It will also house a cocktail bar and taproom with indoor and outdoor seating operated by a Portland cocktail vet: Taylor Gehrts, who has spent time in places like Trifecta, Masia, Smallwares, and others. The bar serves cocktails that go with the dishes from the various carts in the pod.
Address: 2216 SE 50th Avenue
Expected opening: December 1
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To call the fans of this food truck from southeast Portland a “cult following” doesn’t do them justice; Jojo has a huge following of followers who love the stacked burgers of the cart, the crispy smoked and then fried chicken, and the crunchy and fluffy yo-yos as much as they love the cart absurd Instagram. Those stuck in a yo-yo line will be pampered: Owner Justin Hintze will open a standalone restaurant with a wider vegan menu, milkshakes, and a full bar run by Eem alum Ashelee Wells. The larger kitchen space will also make room for more sandwiches on the main menu, brunch service and slushies.
Address: 902 NW 13th Avenue
Expected opening: Before the year ends
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A selection of donuts from Heyday
Michelle Pearl Studios [Official photo]


Known for its sticky rice flour donuts in flavors like Ube and Pandan, this lively donut pop-up is working to open a store front in the Food Hall of the Collective Oregon Eateries, though owner Lisa Nguyen isn’t sure she is opens before the end of the year. The menu will also expand the range of fried doughs, including other Vietnamese snacks and waffles.
Address: 3612 SE 82nd Avenue
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Wild Thing

Ardens Kelsey Glasser’s and former Tusk Chef Sam Smith’s vegetarian restaurant was due to open this summer, but it’s been quiet lately. We hope it will open before the end of the year.
Address: 1477 NE Alberta, Unit 100
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