This vegetable resto bar offers cactus drinks, jackfruit tacos and … mushroom tables?


Five years after opening the acclaimed Native cocktail bar, Vijay Mudaliar has launched a second concept that is bigger and bolder. It’s called Analogue and is a bar-restaurant hybrid with a twist: the drinks and food are designed to be plant-based, sustainable and future-oriented.

As you step into the room, which is in a corner of bustling Chijmes, you are immediately struck by the undulating aquamarine bar counter, a giant 3D-printed hulk made from 1,600 kg of recycled plastic bottles that Vijay and his team personally carried. You know they aren’t kidding about saving the earth.

“Analog means ‘one thing or a person comparable to another,’” said Vijay, 32, explaining that the concept arose out of a sense of frustration that “we worked in a certain way in the food industry without questioning why. Often you see the same thing rolled out again and perceived as luxurious, like goose liver or caviar. We want to find lots of herbal things that can stand up to what people consider ‘luxuries’. “

The overarching mission here, he said, is to review the food system and avoid overcrowded foods like cheese, eggs, coffee, and chocolate by using analogous ingredients to replace those flavors and textures.

“At Analogue, we’re looking at different ingredients that could be the future of agriculture or nutrition,” he said.

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