Woman in saree denied entry to restaurant in South Delhi shopping mall. Viral video


Saree may be known as our national dress for women, but that didn’t stop a restaurant in a mall in South Delhi from prohibiting a woman from wearing it. A video that has now gone viral on social media shows a woman being denied entry to the restro bar on Ansal Plaza, with staff claiming that her saree does not fall under the “smart casual” dress code.

Anita Chaudhry, a journalist upset about this incident, uploaded the video of her experience to Facebook with the caption, “Listen to this video carefully as there is a restaurant in Delhi where saree is not a fancy outfit.”

“After that, many excuses were made against the saree, but I was not allowed to sit in the restaurant because the Indian paridhan sari in our India, Bharat, Hindustan, is not a fancy outfit,” says the caption.

“The humiliation that happened yesterday because of my saree was bigger and more heartbreaking than any other insult I have ever experienced,” she added in the caption.

Anita Chaudhry also uploaded the video on her YouTube channel.

“I’m married. I was married in a saree. I have two daughters and my family and I love wearing saree,” Anita Chaudhry said on her YouTube channel.

“I am a saree-loving person. I love Indian clothing, I love Indian culture. I think saree is very elegant, fashionable and beautiful clothing,” she added.

She pointed out that some parts of the country do not consider saree to be “smart wear”.

“I am asking the Prime Minister, Home Secretary, Delhi CM, Delhi Police and National Commission of Women to give me the specific definition of ‘smart outfit’ so that I can stop wearing a saree,” she said.

All Ansal Plaza Authority lines were temporarily suspended when we tried to contact them.

It was not the first time that such an incident had occurred. Previously, in March 2020, a similar incident occurred in which a woman was denied entry to the resto bar of the Vasant Kunj shopping center because she was wearing a saree.

NCW boss Rekha Sharma later took matters into her own hands and opposed this inappropriate and baseless incident.

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