Tried Montreal’s new Peruvian brunch spot and fell in love with ceviche for breakfast


If you’re reading this, you probably love brunch as much as I do – which means that, as great as it is to revisit Montreal’s classic brunch spots weekend after weekend, sometimes you can turn your routine upside down want. This is where Barranco comes in, a new Peruvian brunch spot in Plateau-Mont-Royal.

Barranco only launched its brunch service on September 17th and as a brunch lover I went there two days later to try it out. Between the bottomless $ 30 mimosa option, the good vibes, and the Montreal-meets-Peru concept, anyone looking for something unique and tasty should add this place to their weekend brunch.

The real Barranco is a neighborhood in the heart of Peru’s capital Lima, which Barranco MTL owner Fidel M. Vasquez described as “romantic and urban, very artistic”. But Montreal’s Barranco is in the heart of the plateau on Rue Saint-Denis, across from Clébard.

“I’m in [restaurant] for about 10 years and I’m from Cusco, Peru, “Vasquez told me.” It has always been my dream to open a restaurant here in Montreal [so] that I can show you a little more about our culture. “

Ilana Belfer | MTL blog

When we arrived for our reservation at 11:30 am, my brunch buddy and I were sitting in the restaurant, but there is a nice terrace too.

Ilana Belfer | MTL blog

We were impressed by the cool atmosphere that effortlessly connects two different worlds: Montreal and Peru.

On one wall you will find a mural that you can directly into the Streets of Peru with palm trees and colorful houses. On the other wall is the mixed media collage-style art that is common on the streets of Montreal.

Barranco’s art was created by local street artists TEETZ, lna and KA ₩ AZ.

Ilana Belfer | MTL blog

The menu was created as a collaboration between Arnaud Glay from Passé Composé and the chefs Daniel Silva and Michelangelo Miceli from Barranco. Like the decor, it gives a Montreal twist to Peruvian favorites. My friend has a Peruvian version of bagel lox and cream cheese: a St-Viateur bagel with trout gravlax, coriander sauce, red onions, radishes, jalapeño yogurt, coriander sprouts, corn, and jalapeño salsa. He loved it.

Ilana Belfer | MTL blog

I had the ceviche de hongos, a mixture of mushrooms, sour marinade, chives, red onions, corn, crispy corn, quinoa, and coriander seeds. It was a perfect excuse to have ceviche for breakfast – something I haven’t done since visiting Peru a few years ago, and it brought back yummy, fresh, citrus-like seafood memories.

Ilana Belfer | MTL blog

I opted for a homemade passion fruit juice (maracuya) instead of the $ 30 bottomless mimosas that day. My juice was wonderfully refreshing and nice to look at. The bottomless mimosas are a fun option, however, and it looked like the party atmosphere was picking up pace as a DJ put on upbeat beats and old-school retro music.

If you are looking for a tasty new brunch spot where you feel like you have one foot in Canada and the other in South America, then I definitely recommend Barranco, whether for brunch or dinner . The restaurant is open on weekends for brunch from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Monday to Sunday from 4 p.m. to 11 p.m. for dinner

Barranco MTL


Cuisine: Peruvian meets Montreal

Address: 4552, rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC

Why You Must Go: From the bottomless $ 30 mimosa option to the Montreal-meets-Peru concept, Barranco is a unique and delicious new brunch spot that is on every Montreal brunch lover’s brunch bucket list should be.


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