3 night clubs lose food licenses for letting guests in


The Shanghai food company at Ubi Road 2 8 was closed for 10 days because it allowed guests to sit in groups larger than the allowed size, did not ensure a safe distance between seated guests, ensure that the staff and guests wear masks and play pre-recorded music in the premises. (PHOTO: Singapore Food Authority)

SINGAPORE – Three pivot nightlife establishments have had their food licenses permanently revoked, while 36 food and beverage (F&B) branches have been closed since mid-September due to violations of COVID-19 Safe Management Measures (SMMs) and vaccination-differentiated SMMs (VDS) had to be).

The Ministry for Sustainability and Environment (MSE) announced in a press release on Friday (October 8) that a further 21 sales outlets were fined after controls in more than 600 premises and over 900 people.

The three central nightclubs – Moung Sakhon and Prajin Karaoke in the Golden Mile Complex and Parklato Pte Ltd in the Parklane Shopping Mall – were running diners when they weren’t allowed to reopen.

Their operations ceased in July following the emergence of a COVID-19 cluster connected to former KTV lounges and nightclubs, and they had to pass inspections and obtain conditional permits before they could resume operations.

Four F&B outlets were found to have allowed people without recognized vaccination status to enter or stay in their premises to consume food or beverages.

Luci’s Kitchen at Lucky Plaza and New Shapla Restaurant on Desker Road were closed for 10 days, while Purn Rao KTV & Pub (Golden Mile Complex) and Yong Xing Mei Wei (PLQ) were each fined $ 1,000.

Ann Siang Hill F&B store closed for 60 days for repeated offenses

Another 34 F&B branches were closed due to SMM violations, such as:

While most branches had to close for 10 or 20 days, the Resto-Bar Lu La in Ann Siang Hill has to close from 21.

Another facility, The Idle at Infinite Studios, is on trial and will have to close for 30 days from October 8th to November 6th.

It had allowed guests to sit in groups larger than the allowed group size and allowed hostess activities in its premises. It was also unable to ensure a one-meter safety distance between seated guests and is a repeat offender of SMM violations.

Another 19 F&B branches were fined for various SMM violations on their premises.

These included gathering in groups larger than the allowable group size, playing music or video recordings, allowing singing, failing to ensure workers wear masks, failing to ensure contact tracing for employees, and keeping a safe distance of at least one meter not to be observed between seated customers.

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