ALCE 101 is hosting 5K for the benefit of SD Food Bank on November 13th


ALCE 101, a southwestern farm-to-table restaurant in Solana Beach, is hosting the first annual Moose Tracks 5K on Saturday, November 13th. The race will benefit the San Diego Food Bank.

Bradley and Julie Evarts, owners of ALCE 101, planned the event to give back to their hometown that gave them so much. After they opened in mid-2019 and closed in less than a year due to COVID-19, they said their doors would not be open today if they weren’t supported by the community.

The event is her chance to give back to the 450,000 people in San Diego County who face food insecurity every day, 177,000 of whom are children.

The event is named after the restaurant and their dog, moose – Alce means moose in Spanish.

The race begins at 9 a.m. at the restaurant on N. Highway 101 with a route through Solana Beach. 5K participants can run or run and receive a 10% discount on their brunch bill and a free mimosa.

Sign up for the 5K at. at For those unable to attend, ALCE 101 sells bespoke stickers. The proceeds from the sale of stickers will be added to your donation to the San Diego Food Bank. A food drive will also take place in the ALCE in the run-up to the 5K. Alce is located at 243 N. Highway 101.

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