6 reasons to visit Café Knead in Mumbai, Chef Moshe Shek’s comeback project


The menu: travel the world but don’t forget the basics

The principles of Sheks Reisen are garnished everywhere on his menu – from the Eastern European pierogi (spicy dumplings with tomatoes and yellow cheddar, filled with yellow cheddar and potatoes) to the Lebanese caramelized baby corn – a dish that reflects his signature cuisine.

“Our menu is unique, 95% of which you will not find anywhere else. These are dishes that I created. We focus on the breads that we make ourselves. The cream cheese comes from Germany, some is also imported from Italy. The portobello mushroom soup is my personal favorite, I like everything that has to do with mushrooms! ”Moshe reveals. “Our puff pastry is freshly baked to order. Going from raw dough to a pastry in 12 minutes for a café is really hard and rare. This is another favorite of mine! ”.

Travel also inspired his food. “Because only travel exposes another culture, doesn’t it? You live in a small space and understand a lot. Travel is very important, ”he explains. “Less is more” was the main theme in all of the large cafés in Europe. “During my vacation in Sweden, I went to a sandwich bar. If you ask for a cheese sandwich, they will give you a cheese sandwich. And I really missed that in India. This is where rose petals and smoked zucchini are put because the cook wants them. But it’s so hard to get a simple cheese sandwich. The whole idea of ​​keeping the basics simple is often very difficult to realize for most of us as chefs. ”For me, it’s the apple and toffee biscuits that I’ve enjoyed as take-away treats that really fill me up brought.

There is an all-vegetables + egg menu!

Knead’s menu is completely vegetarian with the exception of eggs, which are found in some dishes and desserts. But why vegetables? “We used to serve everything at Moshe’s (the chef’s previous restaurant) – mutton, beef, chicken, fish, etc. Finally, I largely turned to a leaner diet. Then beef was banned so that a steak could not be served. In addition, mutton is rock-hard and you have to cook it in the stove for a long time to soften it. After all, it’s not lamb, it’s mutton, it’s goat, ”argues Moshe. “And then there is chicken, which is mostly crammed with everything in the world. It’s actually tasteless. So I decided to remove meat from the menu. It was like an obvious choice, ”he says.

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