Quivey’s Grove Restaurant Goes Against The Grain By Applying For A Vaccination | Local news


Employee Jennie Arntsen sets up the dining area in the Stable Grill at Quivey’s Grove in preparation for Tuesday’s lunch break.


COVID-19 hit the owners of Quivey’s Grove up close, which is why they are demanding that only vaccinated customers eat there, possibly the first restaurant in Dane County to do so.

At the beginning of the pandemic, John Fleck, 54, who worked at the popular Fitchburg restaurant, died of COVID-19.

“We felt it very, very personally,” said Deirdre Garton, owner of Quivey’s Grove, 6261 Nesbitt Road, with Craig Kuenning.

Married father of two teenagers, Fleck was an assistant manager at Quivey’s in the 1990s and started the longtime beer festival, but left Lands’ End to work.

He was back working Friday nights as a bartender at Quivey’s Stable Grill, where the fish sandwiches draw huge crowds.

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Fleck’s wife, Pam, said last year that her husband woke up with a fever on March 17, 2020, the day most restaurants in Dane County had to close due to the pandemic.

With COVID-19 just budding in Wisconsin, Pam Fleck said he was concerned, mostly about giving her his illness because her immune system is weakened from rheumatoid arthritis. He did not have any underlying health problems.

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