Food and drink top 5 of 2021


Dinner at the George Trois / Photo: David Hammond

The 5 best restaurant dinners of 2021

George Trois serves one of the most spectacular French-inspired dishes of the year with creative interpretations of Gallic tradition brought to the table with the perfect combinations by Brian Duncan.

Sushi suite 202 provides a wonderful way to experience beautifully prepared fish with a sushi master who narrates every bite. It takes place in a hotel suite, hence the name.

Formentos is without a doubt the best Italian cuisine we have enjoyed in a long time and is refined with a wine selected by Chuckiy Bement.

Decorate the bar & restaurant in the Four Seasons offers guests a stunning selection of innovative bites prepared in Chef Jonathon Sawyer’s kitchen, including a bread and edible candle service and crispy chicken wing confit.

Entre Sueños is Stephen Sandoval’s way of introducing his Baja Med cuisine in Chicago, which includes many seafood and vegetable dishes (and some meat) inspired by Sandoval’s personal history and travels. It’s a pop-up now, but it’s on the way to brick-and-mortar retail.


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