Restaurants prepare for Restaurant Week amid fighting


LEAWOOD, Kan. – When they first opened their doors seven months ago, Bamboo Penny’s wasn’t all that popular on the Kansas City dining scene.

“Opening everything up in the middle of a pandemic could probably be considered a little crazy,” said Michael Werner, director of hospitality and operations at Leap Hospitality, a management consultant at Bamboo Penny’s. “To be honest, the staffing was terrible, we couldn’t really get anyone on board for many good reasons.”

Bamboo Penny’s, like many restaurants, faced adversity that forced them to fight.

“It delayed our opening, it delayed our ability to serve lunch here, so we opened with limited hours and limited days of the week, which was really scary for a new store,” said Werner.

Now, Bamboo Penny’s is dealing with supply chain and staffing issues, which makes the process sour rather than sweet.

“Penny’s has a lot of specialty products here, we do Thai cuisine here,” said Wener, and all of these other challenges are certainly a lot of work. “

Trying to keep the business going became a steep climb for the restaurant as it prepared for its first week of dining in Kansas City.

“We tried to be one step ahead on a few things and one of them was developing the Restaurant Week menu which we thought would be a good taste of Bamboo Penny’s,” said Werner. “We already made changes to this menu because we realized, oh, supply chain issues are going to be a problem.”

However, despite the many challenges Bamboo Penny’s and others have faced, the team is heating up the grill in the hope that people will storm in for a bite to eat.

“I hope people just find a way to reduce their fear and just come out, enjoy the night and support a great cause,” said Werner.


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