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Sandy Jankovic, the owner of Sandy’s cricketShe woke up Thursday to multiple calls and texts from friends alerting her to a Facebook hack.

The hackers posted a bitcoin message, pretending to be Jankovic and connecting their business Facebook account with an investment of $1,000 and a profit of $10,000 within 3 hours. The hackers also privately messaged friends on Facebook, pretending to be Jankovic and encouraging them to send money to invest in Bitcoin.

“I don’t want anyone in this town to be financially harmed. I want to make sure people know it’s not me,” said Jankovic Sebastian daily.

When Jankovic tried to log into her Facebook account, she was prompted to change the password. But Facebook blocked her.

Until now, the bitcoin messages have disappeared, but she can no longer access Facebook.

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However, when friends reported the hack and informed Facebook that the account was compromised, the social media company suspended the account. It is a standard security measure that can take a few hours or even days.

How do hackers gain access?

There are many ways a hacker can access a Facebook account. Sometimes they just create another account profile and pretend to be a different person. But sometimes they get the password.

Some hackers create fake websites that look and appear like Facebook. Then they send an email to the account owner asking them to change their password. When the recipient clicks the link in the email, they are taken to the hacker’s fake website and asked for their current Facebook account password. Then they use the information to gain access.

Facebook security

While Facebook has excellent security, many people get lost in the settings section of their accounts. So it’s always good to make one Privacy Check with your account.

To run a privacy check, click the down arrow in the upper-right corner, then click Settings & Privacythen click Privacy Check. Then answer a few questions and let Facebook do the rest.


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