Spain’s scandal-hit former king is postponing his second trip home


MADRID (AP) – Spain’s former king has decided to postpone a second home visit since settling abroad after his reputation was tarnished by a financial scandal, Spanish news agency EFE reported on Tuesday.

Ex-King Juan Carlos, 84, returned to his country last month for the first time in almost two years to take part in a sailing event in north-west Spain. At the time, the mayor of Sanxenxo said that Juan Carlos planned to return to the city for another sailing event this month.

However, according to EFE and other Spanish media, the former monarch has decided not to return for the second time in as many months for “private reasons”. He lives in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Juan Carlos was once one of the most respected public figures for his role in bringing the country back to democracy after the death of dictator Francisco Franco in 1975. However, in the later years of his reign, at the helm of Juan Carlos, scandals began, in which the Spanish royal family was involved in 2014 in favor of his son Felipe VI.

Juan Carlos left Spain in August 2020 as Spanish and Swiss prosecutors investigated his involvement in alleged financial wrongdoing.

Spanish prosecutors were forced to shelve their case after concluding the alleged wrongdoing, which involved millions of euros (dollars) in undeclared accounts, happened when Juan Carlos enjoyed legal immunity as Spain’s king.

His behavior is widely seen in Spain as a public embarrassment that has sullied the crown. Felipe renounced his inheritance from Juan Carlos in 2020 and stripped him of his government subsidy in a landmark move to distance himself from his father.

Juan Carlos is still facing potential legal troubles in the UK, where a former lover allegedly involved in his shady financial dealings has accused him of molestation.


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