Tocino burger made in Pinoy lands on the cover of a US food magazine

Cover for food and wine
July 2022 cover of Food & Wine magazine as seen on Instagram by PogiBoy (left) and Randy Lizardo, Paolo Dungca, Arturo Mei and Tom Cunanan with Food & Wine magazine as seen on Dungca’s Instagram (right).

A Tocino burger made by Pinoy landed on the cover of an American food magazine in July 2022, an issue dedicated to innovators in the food and beverage industry.

The burger with buns is produced by the PogiBoy Restaurant, a comfort food restaurant in Washington DC’s The Block Foodhall and Bar.

It is the hallmark of Filipino chefs Tom Cunanan and Paolo Duncathe people behind the establishment.

The Tocino Burger is too reported being a menu fan favorite.

It consists of “two succulent, heavily seasoned tocino and pork patties sandwiched in a light purple ube bun with caramelized pineapple, crisp and tart green papaya achara and a creamy ‘secret sauce.’ like the cooks.

The burger is partially inspired by Filipino “chori burgers” or “chorizo ​​burgers” and Dungca’s childhood memories of eating sautéed tocino with garlic rice for breakfast.

Dungca said her team wanted to “bring that comfort and that nostalgia into the burger” by incorporating tocino into the pork pies.

“Filipino food comes from the heart. This recipe is very personal to us because it brings us so much comfort and joy to be able to share our heritage and our cuisine with everyone. That’s what makes us so proud to be Filipino chefs making Filipino food,” he said previously.

Their burger was recently featured on the cover of Food & Wine’s The Innovator Issue, which the magazine publishes annually to highlight leaders who are changing the way people eat and drink.

“You can find them in our second annual F&W Game Changers list, which includes 16 people and companies making hospitality and packaged goods smarter, more sustainable, more inclusive and more delicious for all,” reads an Instagram post.

The magazine added that its features include “a look at the rise of Filipino chefs and cuisine in America,” including its “cover star.”

Dungca also expressed surprise after being featured by the magazine.

“Man, who would have thought?! Filipino Food on the Cover of @foodandwine Magazine! @pogiboydc,” he continued Instagramby tagging their restaurant’s account.

“A big thank you to @khushandoj, @andeemationcooking, @winslowtaft and the rest of the Food and Wine team for making this dream a reality. NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS,” added the chef.

“Finally thank you @scottsuchman, @lisacherkasky for making this shoot really great! Mabuhay Ang Lutong Pinoy! We are the wildest dream of our ancestors,” Dungca continued, using Filipino flag emojis.

The restaurant also thanked the team and its patrons for their support.

“To say we’re overwhelmed by the support and love we’ve received for our @foodandwine COVER is a HUGE,” PogiBoy said on one Instagram post.

“Thank you to all of our neighbors, friends and family who have been with us every step of the way on this journey. Opening in the midst of the pandemic was no easy task; We learned so much in the process and our story is just beginning!” it added.

“Thank you @khushandoj & @foodandwine for the dream film and the cover. Thank you @andeemationcooking for bringing the recipe to life,” the post continued.

The achievement was also recognized by the outgoing Tourism Minister Bernadette Romulo Puyat who said she was “so proud” of Filipino chefs.

(Screengrab by Interaksyon from Instagram/bernsp)

“(Philippine flag emoji) Burger on the cover of Food & Wine magazine (hands raised emoji),” she wrote on an Instagram Story, reposting Dungca’s post.


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