7 things to do this summer in the coastal city of Halat, Lebanon


If you ask a foreigner where to spend a day in Lebanon this summer, they would immediately suggest Byblos, Batroun or Tripoli, which are undeniably stunning, but only a true Lebanese would add Halat to the list.

Halat is a municipality on the Lebanese coast overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and just a short drive from Beirut.

The city has spectacular landscapes and great places to visit this summer.

Here are 8 things to do in Halat this summer:

#1 WhiteLace Resort

Book a chalet at this exquisite resort and enjoy the frequent pool parties while sipping a drink from the swim-up bar.

For more information call: 9 478 444.

#2 Kalani by the sea

Your ideal retreat for an all-in-one stay. Whether you want to spend a day at the beach, spend a longer vacation in a luxurious villa or celebrate a special day, Kalani is your destination!

You can also add their overnight events featuring local and international artists to your list.

For more information please contact: 76 504 050.

#3 LunaSol

Resto-bar, bungalows, chalets, pools and even a wedding venue if needed; LunaSol is your perfect getaway for an unforgettable weekend!

For more information call 70122233.

#4 Zita Fidar

Zita Fidar is a place for all art lovers. A sophisticated environment overlooking the Mediterranean Sea surrounded by tranquility to get away from it all and live an extraordinary experience.

This bed and breakfast offers a variety of activities and services to keep you busy and excited during your stay!

For more information call: 3 616 088.

#5 Le Blanc Bleu

A fine guest house with a well decorated restaurant serving all Lebanese and seafood where you can enjoy the sea life with its navy blue ambiance while having access to the beach.

You may also have come across a video of this aesthetic sea cave and wondered where it is located. Her answer is also Le Blanc Bleu.

For more information call 3 443 113.

#6 Halat Sailing Club

Halat Sailing Club is just the place for adventure seekers who are also water lovers. You can book your guest house and enjoy a boat tour and many other water activities, in addition to delicious seafood cuisine at their themed restaurant.

For more information call: 3 983 566.

#7 Fidar Beach House

A hidden gem right by the sea in Halat. It’s everything you could wish for; pet friendly, a great place to meet up with your friends, delicious cuisine and access to its private beach area!

For more information call: 81 783 793 – 09 477 224


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