Chennai based resto-bar Nght Mrkt gets a brand new menu and series of fun events for you


Sushi Platter at Nght Market

One of the city’s most popular pubs, Nght Mrkt has a lovely atmosphere that includes an interesting menu of street favorites and signature cocktails in plastic bags. The menu has now become even more extensive and finger food friendly, while the plastic bags have helped find Instagrammable cocktails to be eco-friendly. We catch up with Varun Sheth, one of the young directors, who promises us that this reboot is just the beginning of more fun plans. “We’re planning a lot of interactive events and gigs – including fun workshops – in the near future,” says Varun, who busily commutes between the Garden City and Chennai, adding that we should keep an eye out for quiz nights, live bands and thrift markets below the many planned events.

Bartender’s Special at Nght Market

citrus notes

We’ll start with one of the aforementioned cocktails – a lemony Bartender’s Special – on a rough slice of log; On this one, the mixologist wields a kitchen-grade flamethrower, rendering the herb (thyme) smoky and fragrant before tossing it into the drink. The Simple Story, on the other hand, was a sweet Hibiscus-flavored offering and the Coco Beach in a tender coconut shell was a delicious Pina Colada twist. While we enjoyed the drinks, the kitchens were busy sending out delicious bar snacks that paired perfectly with the drinks. The sushi platter caught our attention as the teriyaki chicken taco rolls were nestled in hollowed out cavities of a wooden serving tray, with the avocado sushi’s seaweed casing loosely laid underneath. The jackfruit tacos were smothered in mayonnaise and fooled us into thinking there was ground beef in the mix!

Galouti Kebabs at Nght Market

crunch munch

With the summer heat still raging outside, at this point you’ll have to forgive us for switching to a tall glass of chilled beer that pairs perfectly with fried options like the crispy Spicy Soft Shell Crab and Chicken Tostada stuffed with mildly spiced chicken is cube. With experimental galouti now trending in restaurants across the city, the Lotus Stem Galouti is an easy winner here, wowing with flavor and texture. As a main course, we try the delicious stuffed paneer roulade with slightly crispy mini chur chur parathas. Even as we licked our fingers in appreciation, Varun claimed that they had indeed increased the vegetarian options. The flamethrower was back as we prepared for dessert. A generous slab of classic cheesecake arrived, which was immediately singed and flame caramelized and then generously dusted with Biscoff – ensuring the other option, which was probably healthier, was a glass of mixed fresh fruit and water chestnuts in chilled coconut milk something neglected by us. At this indulgent note, we put down our forks, fully satiated!

Meal for two at Rs. 1,500.

– Sabrina Rajan


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