Fonda Moderna refines taco craftsmanship with the spice of Mishima Wagyu

TUSTIN, California — Fonda Moderna in Orange County is upping its game with Mishima Wagyu-filled fusion tacos while still embracing traditional Mexican fare.

“I think the creation of this taqueria is definitely a tribute to our family and community,” said Jacque Cortes of Fonda Moderna. “Show that Taquerias can make a difference.”

Fonda Moderna offers a selection of premium meats – everything from Santa Carlota Hanger Steak to Niman Ranch Top Sirloin and customer favorite Wagyu Mishima Beef.

“The Wagyu Mishima taco is something you don’t traditionally see in a regular taqueria,” Cortes explained. “Combine this with a homemade flour tortilla and the combination of other ingredients.”

Secret ingredients include beans, salsa, tomatoes, cilantro, cotija, and Chihuahua cheese that make the taco a colossal hit.

“It’s a long process, but full of passion,” said Jesús Godínez, Fonda Moderna’s manager and chef.

“We actually get locals from Mexico, and they’re very impressed with our tacos,” Cortes said. “So that’s very, very fulfilling for us.”

“If you haven’t tried it, just check it out,” said Tony Jackson, from neighboring Tustin. “I guarantee you’ll keep coming back.”


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