The Best Spanish Cookbooks to Try in 2022


Is there anything as delicious as tapas? Endless platters to share with bite-sized treats featuring everything from the finest cured hams, the creamiest cheeses, to the filling carby croquetas. And if that’s not enough to please all the senses, add some authentic sweet and tangy spices and you’re in heaven.

We Brits have always had a cultural love affair with our Spanish cousins, but in recent years Spanish food has become increasingly popular. London’s high street is rare without a cluster of tapas bars, street food stalls and fine dining restaurants. While most of us have indulged in such delicacies, cooking these popular dishes at home is a whole different story.

The pressure of cooking Spanish food at home and getting the flavors just right can feel daunting. However, the dishes are surprisingly easy to prepare at home, and in just a short amount of time you can create innovative sharing tables or weeknight dinners that pack a real punch of flavor.

To show you just how easy it can be to cook Spanish food, we’ve rounded up the best cookbooks on Spanish cuisine below.

Choose one of the cookbooks in our edit, open it to any page (we guarantee every recipe is exceptional) and create the taste of Spain from your kitchen.

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Spanish made easy


When you’re ready to cook something new, but you’re not actually sure where to start then this is the perfect cookbook. As the name suggests, all of the recipes are very easy to follow (yes, even for the simplest of cooks) and take relatively little time, allowing you to spend more time eating and less time fumbling around in the kitchen.

There are a whopping 100 recipes and while they’re all incredibly delicious, our favorites were Avocado, Lettuce, and Butternut Squash Salad for the perfect light al fresco meal. The Lemon Honey Chicken Wings are the definition of comfort food.

The Spanish home kitchen


Fancy a fine dinner? Delight your dinner party guests with homemade Spanish dishes from this tome written by award-winning chef Jose Pizarro. The cookbook is a compilation of authentic recipes inspired by his family’s cuisine and the nostalgic flavors of his childhood.

Each recipe includes a summary of the importance or value placed on the dish, which makes for great reading. Every side is a treat and we haven’t found a recipe that didn’t impress. Our favorites? Iberian pork shoulder in rich tomato sauce with savory couscous for a hearty dinner.

If you’re looking for something sweet, don’t miss the cherries in aguardiente syrup with pistachio ice cream.

Sabor: Flavors from a Spanish kitchen


Sabor means taste in Spanish and celebrates the ingredients and flavors of authentic food. With the perfect balance between classic and simple dishes and innovative daring, the renowned Spanish chef Nieves Barragán Mohacho hits the jackpot with this book. There are family favorites she grew up with, like chorizo ​​and potato stew, but also fantastically creative dishes like clams in salsa verde and stuffed piquillo peppers. With a dish for every occasion, this is sure to become a staple on your cookbook shelf.

Bar 44 tapas and copas


When it comes to Spanish cuisine, equal importance is attached to food and drink – obviously you need something equally delicious to sip on if you’re feasting on these flavor-packed dishes. Unlike others on the market, this cookbook celebrates Spanish drinks and food alike, taking both to new heights thanks to the crazy and creative recipes featured. Think chorizo ​​in cider, beetroot gazpacho, and lamb empanadas, to name a few.

When it comes to drinking, this book is an endless source of knowledge about wines, sherry and of course sangria. The only thing nearly as great as these dishes are the photos – bright colors, wonderful textures and perfect angles will make your stomach growl.

The new paella cookbook


No summary of a Spanish cookbook is complete without mentioning the tastiest and most delicious dish there is – paella. Whether you’re a seasoned paella pro or just learning what it is, this book is an absolute must, as it covers everything from the basics to the most advanced dishes with helpful tips and tricks. Master the classic paella first, then move on to Los Angeles taco paella, paella pilaf and Sunday paella for a new take on a weekend meal.

The Buenvino Cookbook


With 224 pages, prepare to learn as this cookbook goes well beyond food – it’s an ode to Spanish history, culture and way of life.

It’s the culinary story of Jeannie and Sam Chesterton, who settled in the Andalusian countryside and have been farming and growing organic food on their land for more than 30 years. All recipes use local and seasonal produce which is surprisingly easy to find in UK supermarkets. Alongside mains like baked octopus and potatoes and rabbit, spinach and apricot stew, there’s an entire spices and nibbles section that teaches you the art of flavored oil, preserved vegetables and an array of savory and sweet nuts.

The food of Spain


This cookbook is the ultimate guide to Spanish food – what Claudia Roden doesn’t know about the kitchen isn’t worth knowing.

This comprehensive read, compiled after years of research, includes classic dishes, regional variations and stories from locals about the role of food in Spanish culture.

The hundreds of recipes are helpfully divided into sections for tapas, rice and pasta, vegetable dishes, and meat platters. Delve deep into any category and you’ll be whisked away to a gastronomic feast – don’t miss the salt cod fritters, creamy leek tart and marinated lamb shank. You can thank us later.


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