Emily Codik appointed Assistant Editor for Wellness



Announcement from Wellness Editor Tara Parker-Pope:

We are pleased to announce that Emily Codik will join our expanding Personal Health and Wellness desk as Associate Editor.

In her new role, Emily will develop a new “Ask” column and work with a diverse group of non-traditional freelancers who will provide readers with expert advice. Emily will also work with our visual and social media teams to create social-first content, stepping in where needed to edit employee and freelancer stories and help create a new, rebranded wellness newsletter .

In addition to her adept editorial skills, Emily brings to her new role a passion for fitness and cooking, a proven track record of creating popular content for social media, and a global perspective that will help us connect with readers around the world to step.

In nearly seven years at The Post, Emily has worked on the features and multiplatform desks, editing articles across the newsroom and in a variety of formats. In Features, she edited stories about Roseanne Barr’s trip to Israel and the rise of Latin Trap, assisted in reporting on awards shows and oversaw multimedia projects for the weekend section. She has also edited in Spanish, editing projects such as Marooned in Matamoros and the fight for gender-neutral Spanish.

In 2019, Emily moved to Rio de Janeiro, where her husband Terrence McCoy serves as the Post Office Manager. Since moving to Rio, Emily has made herself indispensable by working as an editor, filling in as editor at Universal and Foreign, and contributing recipes, healthy eating insights, and Instagram reels to Voraciously, including, how to cook with green bananas, one of the most popular health fads in Brazil and a key ingredient in her vegan brownies recipe.

Emily also started a popular Portuguese language TikTok called Gringa in Brazil, where her healthy cooking demonstrations have amassed 145,000 followers and millions of views, including 2.5 million for her chocolate oatmeal recipe. She’s also garnered a following on Instagram, sharing recipes in Spanish and English, and has developed more than 20 recipes for Washington Post food editor Joe Yonan’s upcoming plant-based cookbook.

Before joining The Post, Emily worked as an art editor for Washingtonian Magazine, where she wrote a lengthy article about the dramatic downfall of a posh Georgetown ice cream shop, and the story was selected by the production companies of Channing Tatum and Danny McBride. In Miami she was a food critic and editor of the Miami New Times.

She has a BA in Art History from Duke University and a Masters in Journalism from Georgetown University. Her master’s final project, published in The Post, revealed revelations about her family’s escape from the Holocaust and refuge in a small Dominican town.

Emily, a Dominican-American dual citizen, grew up in Santo Domingo and lived there until she moved to the United States for college. In her free time, she has enjoyed samba dance classes, vinyasa yoga, and beach CrossFit. She is a native Spanish speaker and is fluent in Portuguese. In addition to helping launch the new wellness desk, Emily has another big project in the works: she and Terry are expecting their first child in October.

Please congratulate Emily on her new role. It starts on Monday.


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