Monarca offers fine dining in the Medina Square


MEDINA – Medina Square has welcomed Monarca to the square. Monarca offers residents ambiance and upscale Mexican food.

The restaurant was opened by Juan Bravo, who also has a stake in Tres Portrillos, as well as Executive Chef Victor Conrique.

Bravo and family friend Maria Maria Dumitru-Brito described Conrique as the mastermind behind the restaurant.

Monarca was an opportunity for Conrique to bring fine Mexican cuisine to the Medina and allow people to taste what Mexican cuisine is meant to taste like.

Monarca offers a basic menu as well as a specialty menu with dishes from 15 Mexican states and special creations that you won’t find in other restaurants.

“The long-term goal is to actually have and integrate courts from all states,” Bravo said. “We will approach every Mexican state and represent that.”

Conrique studied gastronomy, the study between culture and food and the cooking styles of certain regions. He shared that he visited people from different places who trained chefs but have a passion for food and cooking and that these people helped him learn what authenticity is.

“Seeing the look on a customer’s face when they’re done eating and saying it was amazing. It makes everything worthwhile,” Conrique said of his favorite thing about owning and running a restaurant.

The couple decided to open the Medina restaurant in the square because of the area’s history and because there are no other upscale Mexican restaurants in the area.

“What better place than the historic district of Medina,” said Bravo. “The people here are very nice, very warm and very hospitable.”

Bravo and Conrique shared that customer feedback has exceeded their expectations and Monarca can expand in the future.

“It was an absolute pleasure working with the city officials. They were very supportive, very knowledgeable, and served as our guides since we are in the historic district and there are many rules and regulations,” said Dumitru-Brito.

Bravo and Conrique thanked the City of Medina, the customers who have supported the restaurant, the city officials, and the friends and family who have supported them through the process.

They shared that while the building itself is great for a company, it’s the people and passion that make it even better.

“Monarca is just a name but the name itself is actually made up of all the people who work here and they are very dedicated, as soon as they step through these doors they are dedicated to bringing a unique experience to the city “, Conrique.

Monarca is located at 108 Public Square. For more information about the restaurant, call (330) 723-0100 or visit


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