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Kolkata: Nightlife in the city will get a boost with a number of party venues preparing to welcome revelers Durga Puja and Christmas. This follows last year’s opening of at least 10 new locations across the resto-bar, nightclub and pub categories in prominent locations such as Park Street, Camac Street, South City Mall, Russell Street, Park Circus Connector and Sector V.
A Covid-19 rebound, restrictions on international travel and unrest after two years of working from home are the main factors behind the city’s booming nightlife. Gains in stock markets and crypto also added to the trend.
Owners of a nightclub in Sector V have moved into space on Park Street and work is underway to have the location open by Christmas. Another popular party spot at the Park Circus Connector is the opening of a nightclub in a property on Russell Street that was once home to a popular vegetarian restaurant.
“There are shops for places that offer a good experience for guests and have competitive advantages over others in terms of location, food and drink menu, and crowd mix,” said the owner of the Sector V place, which is opening another place on Park Street.
Two new party venues, Wafira and Makati, have sprung up at the newly renovated The Golden Park Hotel on Ho Chi Minh Sarani. LMNOQ, an 8,000 square foot sky bar, opened on Park Street during Durga Puja last year.
The owners of Bakstage in Sector V remodeled and reopened the Motor Works and Brewing Company on the ground floor. At Durga Puja they will reopen a cafe at the same address. The M Bar on Park Street has been redesigned and opened a few weeks ago.
There has been a surge in business post Covid for a number of reasons, according to pub owners and managers. “For almost two years, socializing had taken a back seat. Due to restrictions, people could not travel either. As soon as restrictions were lifted earlier this year, there was a flood of nightclubs, pubs and lounges,” he said Sudhir AhujaOwner of Bakstage who has remodeled and opened a brewery and plans to open a coffee shop at Durga Puja this year.
“Even two years of working from home had made people restless. At least two or three locations have opened in different corners of Kolkata every month for the past six months,” he added.
The drop in alcohol prices in some outlets in recent months has also helped attract partygoers. “Revelers are always looking for novelty and we try to offer it in terms of our food and drink menu, music and crowd mix,” he said Mohammad Nadeem SiddiquiGeneral Manager (Operations) at The Golden Park.

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