Men demand five thousand rupees a week and free alcohol after vandalizing a hotel


Pune: Blackmail has come to light when he entered a hotel in Shivne and demanded a rate of Rs 5,000 per month, vandalizing the hotel and inciting terror. Uttamnagar Police have registered a case against Ganesh Shinde in this matter. Tukaram Sopan Ingle (age 55, Res. Shivane) has lodged a complaint with Uttamnagar Police Station.

According to police, plaintiff Ingle owns the Apple Resto Bar in Shivane. Ganesh Shinde came to the bar on Friday night. He demanded a rate of Rs 5,000 per month and free alcohol for the plaintiff. When the plaintiff refused, he searched the bar and verbally abused and assaulted the manager. He also threatened to harass customers in the bar by verbally abusing them. Customers fled as chairs and liquor bottles were destroyed. Then on Saturday afternoon he met the plaintiff outside Gawde Cake Shop in Shivne and again demanded a rate of Rs 5,000 a month and free alcohol. Then the plaintiff paid 2000 rupees to calm him down. They threatened to break into the house and kill her if they didn’t give them monthly payments and free alcohol. So he panicked and ran to the police and the Deputy Police Inspector is investigating the matter.

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