The rustic Mexican restaurant wraps guests in a metal mesh


Pescaderos Restaurant by Territorio Arquitectos

Territory Arquitectos’ restored seafood restaurant Pescaderos a Mexico City is an organic, calm and open space defined by an airy, rustic interior. A key design feature of the room is the generous use by the architects wooden Elements, most of which have been collected and salvaged from the previous location and reused to create bespoke pieces of furniture, flooring and wall panels. The Mexican architecture firm completed this eco-conscious project in 2021 during the pandemic, and the team was challenged to create an open and spacious space where diners avoid crowds of closed spaces while socializing and enjoying the atmosphere of the restaurant be able. To solve this, Territorio Arquitectos adds metallic mesh walls and screens, creating a variety of large and open spaces and some semi-private spaces where visitors can enjoy a more intimate environment.

Territorio Arquitectos renovates seafood restaurant Pescaderos in Mexico City | all images by Jaime Navarro

a light, wooden interior

The starting point for the design of Pescaderos was the restoration of the existing area of ​​550 square meters. In a step of sustainability and environmental awareness, Territorio Arquitectos recovered all the existing materials found on the previous site and reused them with new textures and atmospheres for use in the new restaurant. With the use of natural tones and natural materials and textures, enlivened by an abundance of greenery weaving throughout the space, the architects Achieve a light aesthetic and a calm and organic ambiance. Pescaderos features light-colored, minimalist furniture made from reclaimed wood for the dining room chairs and tables, polished wood panels for the floor and wall paneling, and darker rustic wood for stools and benches in the circulation areas. Additional organic qualities are provided through the inclusion of roughly textured stone walls, further adding to the rustic character and charm of the space.

Territorio Arquitectos' rustic Mexican restaurant envelops diners in a metallic mesh woven with lush greenery
neutral tones, recycled natural materials and textures define the interior

a metallic net with woven vegetation engulfs the guests

Territorio Arquitectos designs a flexible, spacious and intimate layout to allow visitors to enjoy the social aspects of the dining experience while avoiding crows in enclosed spaces given the new context defined by the pandemic. The architects designed the space as a large sea terrace, comment that it is ‘inspired by the models of workshops and industrial buildings with metallic aesthetics, rusty iron and apparent structures’. The Sea Terrace is cloaked in an atmosphere plant that creates its own footprint in time, creating a relaxed atmosphere that allows its visitors to stay longer. Here, guests are encased in a metal mesh netting that encompasses the entire outdoor terrace. False vegetation is profusely woven through the metallic ceiling and walls, and an interesting display of light and shadow is created by the natural light that filters into the courtyard.

Inside, the lattice lattice walls are accompanied by light, translucent curtains that run the length of the room, delicately unfolding like veils from the ceiling. These flexible partitions can be opened or closed as needed to create more open or semi-private areas for guests. While the interior design has minimal flourishes, Territorio Arquitectos includes eye-catching art installations by artist Marco Rountree, including a large display of circular straw mats hung by the stairs leading up to the main hall. The rounded organic shapes contrast with the delicate yet rigid geometry of the mesh grids, and the simplicity of the straw complements the rustic, neutral aesthetic of the interior design.


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